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The 'Johnson Sakaja Troubles'

Johnson Sakaja who has been the Nairobi Senator for the past, almost 5 years, and now eyeing the highly-coveted Nairobi gubernatorial seat, has once again found himself in a hot soup after complainants filed 4 cases against him in a Milimani Law Courts on grounds that Sakaja presented fake clearance academic papers to the IEBC days after the Electoral Commission cleared him to run for the Nairobi governor position.

The complainants who are challenging his clearance are claiming that he is a fraud and he never graduated from the Team University from Uganda where Sakaja claims to have studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management degree. 

This comes days after an official statement from the University of Nairobi cleared out the doubts going around that the Nairobi Senator does'nt hold an actual degree Actuarial Science degree from the institution as he has been climbing all along.

"Senator Johnson Sakaja enrolled into the University of Nairobi as a module II student in 2003 to pursue an Actuarial Science course but he dropped out and is yet to complete his undergraduate studies," said the UoN Communications Director, Mr Orindi. 

Sakaja in his defence had earlier stated that he was a student of UoN from 2002-2007.

According to the Governor aspirant, the complainant's allegations are hollow and unfounded in the sense that they have fraudulently omitted relevant pages of the graduation booklet that bears his graduation credentials from the Team University in Uganda.

The first-term Senator has also distanced himself from the name Sakaja Koskei Johnson claiming that the person who bears that name ain't him and he is called Sakaja Arthur Johnson. "I have never been known, identified or addressed by the name 'Sakaja Koskei Johnson' in any manner whatsoever or associated with the first respondent herein referred to the person in complaint no.230 of 2022... That person cited 'Sakaja Koskei Johnson' is a complete stranger to election for the position 2 of Governor, Nairobi City County," he said during a hearing on Sunday at Milimani Law Courts.

In 2021 the DCI carried out investigations regarding his qualifications and in a verification letter for the same issue, the University of Nairobi stated that Johnson Sakaja's transcripts were incomplete.

Despite his troubles deepening, the gubernatorial candidate was cleared by the IEBC to contest for Nairobi Governor on a UDA Party ticket which will see him face Polycarp Igathe who is vying on a Jubilee Party ticket under the Azimio la Umoja - One Kenya Coalition Party.

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