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Wajackoyah - The Flowers on the Nairobi Expressway shall be Bhang if you elect me!

Kenyans, did you know that if you elect the Law Professor Wajackoyah,  in August 9th elections, the Nairobi Expressway instead of being beautified with pretty flowers, all that shall be bhang? 

On Thursday 2nd after being cleared to run for the top seat in this country, Wajackoyah, while addressing journalists stated that among his many other agendas, one of them will be planting weed on the entire 27Km Nairobi Expressway space meant for planting flowers. 

He reiterated that there are spaces in the country that have not been utilised well and can be better used to grow the plant which will be of more benefit to lots of Kenyans.

The Roots Party Leader before and after being cleared, has been vocal all along especially in advocating for the growth and legalization of bhang in Kenya.

"There are flowers planted on where you are standing, for beautification purposes. That's a place which can yield regulated bhang. Even the things we have on the Nairobi Expressway - flowers that have died. Why do we need all that yet people are dying? All that will be bhang," he said.

Earlier on, the IEBC chaired by Wafula Chebukati, had rejected Wajackoyah's presidential bid after he failed to collect enough signatures as required by the law.

Wajackoyah's pledge has so far elicited a variety of reactions across different social media platforms with one Kenyan, Jimmy Kamau expressing his support to the Professor by saying that bhang had many benefits in human bodies with a scientific evidence that it can cure cancer.

On the other hand, Izzo Jakager said, "This guy is beginning to annoy me. All a Professor can think about is bhang. How do you become a professor? I'm glad there's only one horse."

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