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$40k for a Big Toe! Alarm as Zimbabweans start selling their toes for Money

Have you ever heard or seen posts or memes about guys bragging about how they've sold their body parts (kidneys, eyes...) and apparently chilling at a prestigious beach in Kilifi while parking their Mercedes, G-Wagons, Bentleys, Audis, Jaguars... beside them? Well, Zimbabweans have up-ed the game. 

In Zimbabwe, some citizens have reverted to selling their toes in exchange of dollars in a move they claim, they are trying to survive the extreme high cost of living in the country.

 Sources reveal that, this 'toe-trade' takes place at a shopping centre in the capital, Harare.

Mixed reactions spurred on twitter on 1st June after a video emerged showing a Zimbabwean limping with a wool covering a part of his toe. 

Let me just confirm it to you, this covered part wasn't as a result of a surgery from maybe hitting a rock or something, but no, it's a foot with four toes with the bigger toe having been cut off and sold for some dollars to purchase a Toyota SUV as the man claimed.

Unverified prices for the toes are as follows: the bigger toe goes for $40,000, the middle toe goes for $25,000 and the small toe goes for $10,000. Let's do some same maths here. 

From the above prices the total cost for the three toes is $75,000 and that's just for one leg. 

Assuming the 'traders' engaging in this business ain't amputees meaning they all have their two healthy legs including the toes, OMG, that's business! And just like that, you become a millionaire or a billionaire.

For most people, this is not uncommon practice for body parts being used in unscrupulous traditional 'cures' by charlatans or fake healers but some of us have come across such things happening all over.

In Zimbabwe, toe memes and jokes have been circulating across different socials with the hashtag #Chigune, which simply means 'toes' in their local Shona language and according to those pushing the hashtag, it brings a small relief during these harsh economic times.

Although this trade wasn't known by many, it has attained attention after one Zimbabwean shared it as a joke upon visiting the mall where the exchange took place and since then, lots of citizens have been flocking in to inquire on further details about the so called 'rumours'.

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