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Pregnant Woman Gives Birth Twice to Same Baby Boy

A Missouri based Tiktoker, Jaiden Ashlea made netizens wonder what 'being born again' literally meant a few days ago after she shared on her Tiktok handle how she gave birth to her baby boy for the second time, after he was put back inside her 11 weeks of giving birth to him. 

She says that her son was diagnosed with spina bifina (a birth defect in which a developing baby's spinal cord fails to develop properly) at just 19 weeks after being born, a situation that forced both her husband and her seek for an Orlando-based medical team services that specializes in an open foetal surgery (a medical  operation done on babies before they're actually born).

On her Tiktok account she posted, "Birthing my baby boy for him to be put back in and 11 weeks later be born again. Our son was diagnosed with spina bifina at 19 weeks old."

The mother says that they both had lost total hope for their baby boy because many doctors they visited told them that their child is going to be brain dead. 

On looking further beyond her original doctors, they finally found a team of experienced doctors that could help save their son's life.

"They basically opened me up by C-section, repaired the defect in his back to the best of their ability, closed me back up and i stayed pregnant for the rest of the time," said Ashlea.

"It's very common for contractions to happen and pre-term labour is always the biggest effect or impact of the surgery," she added.

Her doctors filled her up with saline which became the amniotic fluid and they closely monitored her until she re-gave birth.

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