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She wanted $ex before marriage - Stivo Simple Boy on why he parted ways with Pritty Vishy

Rumours have been going around that the 'Mihadarati' hit maker, Stivo Simple Boy had broken up with his ex-girlfriend Vishy Pritty due to speculations that he has been cheating on her for quite sometime.

To just set the record straight, Stivo during an interview with Mpasho, clarified to netizens that first, Vishy is not his type of a woman. 

Wait, did i type this right? Of course yes, the statement is right, that's exactly what the 'Freshi Barida' hitmaker said

But if you happen to be a big fan of Stivo Simple Boy and Pritty Vishy or either of them, you might wonder why this was said yet the duo were meant to be couples just the other day.

Second, Stivo claims that it's Vishy who broke up with him and not the opposite as the rumours have it, as he went ahead to distance himself from speculations going around that he has been flossing around with Adasah which he says, "that was just but for the project (music) we are working on together."

Pritty Vishy's fans could not hold onto their breathe when the 'Glory' singer opened up to tell Kenyans that in fact, it's Vishy who has been promiscuous in their relationship all along, she has cheated on him a number of times that he couldn't even count but he chose peace and his 'strength as a man' made him bury the hatchet and forgave her so as to try and make their love journey keep on moving.

The other reason and maybe the most important one that has so far surprised many Kenyans, leave alone their fans is, Stivo claims that Pritty Vishy wanted $ex before marriage of which according to him, sex before marriage is a 'big' sin and he wasn't ready to become a sinner.

Most people have been left wondering if these two might ever come back together again as most of their fans have gone to Instagram handles of both of them to express their disappointment as to what befell between the two lover-birds.

You might think all this drama was over but the Kibera-based Rapper hit again to surprise netizens by telling them that he really wants a to have fifty children with one woman. 

Yes, fifty! Well, I know you're surprised but for some of us, we haven't come back to our senses yet because we're trying to figure out how any living being leave alone a woman can bear fifty offspring? Where on earth have you ever seen this? Maybe it's going to be the first time such an event will be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. 

Kenyans are so far trying to the join the dots and ascertain if this could have the reason they parted ways.

Despite these unforeseen heartbreaking events, Vishy maintains that she will still support the 'Freshi Barida' hitmaker but most Kenyans are still in a dilemma whether she meant this or not.

Vishy's fans have also been seen showing sensational engagements on her Instagram handle after she posted a video of herself flaunting her curves and glowing. 

She has even landed on some new gigs as a brand ambassador for a couple of partnerships.

Netizens think that maybe Vishy might have decided to take a u-turn from their relationship and opted to focus on her own personal life.

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