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Millionaire Housemaid! House-help Makes Away With Ksh.104 Million From Employer in Langata.

Do you ever wonder what you would do when you for instance, happen to win a lottery worth Ksh.100 million?...Yes, those sweet, sweet ideas that just came into your mind apparently came into the minds of many netizens out there. 

In Langata, a housekeeper landed into an unforeseen fortunes, let's just say it was an orchestrated event like that of the 'mighty' Professor from the Money Heist TV show. 

From this event, many Kenyans have been left in shock wondering if the reported lump sum is correct or is just a rumour, but mark my words, it's Ksh.104 million that the housemaid made away with. 

The house girl identified as Shelmith Kiprop alias Jerop, is the key suspect to the case under investigation since she conspired with other close accomplices of hers to steal the said amount of money in May this year, according to the DCI report.

According to sources, Jerop was apprehended in Eldoret town by a team of officers from the DCI's Special Service Unit and the Criminal Intelligence and Research Bureau and is now a guest of the state at Langata police station. 

Upon her arrest, she led the statesmen to her hide-out in Kabarnet township where she had rented a house and upon searching the place, the officers recovered Ksh.2.5 million.

The accused person was arraigned at Kibera Law Courts on Monday 30th May, as she was accused with conspiring to commit a felony alongside Caleb Nagomere Rasto, Agazima Brian Kenneth, Jackline Mirago Kinzi and Eunice Akinyi. 

Jerop and her accomplices are said to have stolen from the complainant in cash Ksh. 4,000,000, $806,000, jewelry worth Ksh. 4,000,000, copies of logbook and title deeds all totalling to Ksh.104 Million. 

The victim, Samar Al-Kindy who resides at Sum Valley Estate in Langata wasn't at home at the time the event occurred as she had travelled to Oman on 29th April to meet her husband. 

From the documents presented in court on Monday signed by the investigating officer Inspector Daniel Opiyo, they revealed that, Jerop who resides in servants' quarter was not in the compound and the gate was locked on the day - another employee was tasked to bring contractors to the home for certain works when the theft was realized.

"At the sitting room they found a cupboard attached to the wall where the owner of the house encloses a metallic safe, open and the box enclosing the safe on the floor. There were impressions on the floor tiles of something heavy had been dragged from the cupboard out of the house through the main floor," reported a key witness to the event.

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