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KHABY LAME, the silent TikToker now on The Forbes Under 30 List, 2022

If you are a great fan of TikTok, then this 22-year old, Khabane Lame who professionally goes by the name Khaby Lame, is definitely not new to you.

He migrated from Senegal to Chivasso, Italy together with his family members in search of a better life. 

It's not a new thing especially to immigrants who move to other countries (Europe), living there for a couple of years before finally getting a job to rely on and sustain their lives. 

For Khaby Lame, he started working at a local factory but luck wasn't on his side since after securing the job, COVID-19 pandemic came in and he got laid off. 

This was a measure most companies, business entities and industries just but to mention a few, took to cut off costs.

Having no idea on what to do next, his distresses took him on TikTok-A famous short video and clips app and wordlessly started mocking the overly complicated life hack videos not knowing it was the start of his celebrity life.

His most viral video; The Wing Mirror clip that has over 346 million views, shows how he comically debunks a backseat wing mirror hack, earned him the top spot on the Tiktok app. 

He has so far been dominating on the same app with his popular comedy content overtaking big content creators like Addison Rae and Bella Poarch. Currently he is the second most followed content creator on Tiktok with a massive following of over 132.6 million right behind the TikTok's number one content creator and dancer, Charli D'Amelio who has 136 million followers.

His popularity has earned him prestigious partnerships to become brand influencer of Hugo Boss, 2022 and further making him become the obvious face of 2022 Forbes Under 30 Europe Art and Culture list.

The Forbes Under 30 Europe Art and Culture List recognizes the efforts of the most promising young people in specialized areas like Arts and Creative Industries such as Fashion, Modelling and Theoretical performance across Europe thus making it a highly competitive list and prestigious to feature on. 

Potential candidates are supposed to be below 30 years as of May 3, 2022 and should never have been named among 30, on Under 30 Forbes List in any year before. 

They are evaluated by judges and those who manage to become finalists, more than half of them are women and in addition to that, 50 percent identify as people of color.

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