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A Pastor Disappears with over 20 of his 'Flock'

We both can attest to the fact that today, churches with famous Pastors and the 'self proclaimed' prophets tend to attract a massive following across the globe, but in our neighboring country Uganda, a local 'Pastor' seems to have taken an advantage of his massive fan base (followers) and disappeared into thin air with over 20 of his 'flock'

The self-styled pastor who goes by the name Samuel Kalibbala and some of his followers a week ago just vanished, an event that forced Ugandan policemen to launch for a manhunt for the missing suspect together with his faithfuls. 

Though the area police Spokesperson, Racheal Kawala confirmed that the pastor was arrested on Friday morning of May 27th ten days after he disappeared when he was trying to sneak into his house at around 2 a.m, they are yet to determine what led to this disappearance.

In custody, are 5 other suspects who seemingly, happen to be very close allies to the pastor including a 64-year-old founder of Nankwangu Church of Christ Christian Centre, 'Pastor' Benard Twajira Yezu, to assist in further investigations about the matter.

"Before the arrest, 5 other victims in a disappearance case had resurfaced and reported to Mityana Central Police Station on May 26th," said the police Spokesperson, Kawala.

On Tuesday, the area Police Commander, Martin Okoyo together with the Office of the Resident District Commissioner, Africana Aharikundira led a special operation that saw police operatives invade and demolish makeshift structures at the Nankwangu Church of Christ Worship Centre for illegally collecting and misguiding the local residents.

In an interview, the RDC Aharikundira said that they had chosen to demolish all the illegal structures where the 'pastors' convene to preach against government programs such as vaccinations and education among other issues. 

Further details indicated that the pastor and his followers locked their houses and switched off their phones before disappearing to an unknown location.

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