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A congressman organizes a free medical camp in memory of the late Kibaki.

Jamleck Kamau, a former Kigumo MP and Minister for the Nairobi Metropolitan Ministry, applauded Kibaki, noting that during his tenure in office, he revitalized the health sector by pushing the development of a number of important health facilities across the country.

“We honour the leadership of Kibaki as he did a lot especially in the health sector and this free medical camp, which is my 11th event since I started organizing the camps, I dedicated to the late third president of this country,” he stated in his statement

Hundreds of locals from Kigumo Sub County benefited from this free medical treatment as part of a medical camp commemorating the late President Mwai Kibaki by Jamleck.

During a two-day medical camp hosted in the Turuturu area, over 3,000 people benefited.

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