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NO PHONES! CS Magoha prohibits phones at exam centres in an effort to avoid exam leakage.

CS Magoha stated that certain center managers takes photographs of exam papers and transmitting them to other schools using their cellphones.

Only two phones will be allowed at exam centers from now henceforth.

While opening the exam containers at the Kisumu central sub-county offices on Monday, The CS said the two phones will only be used for emergencies.

Magoha had announced the following new guidelines on Sunday that will be implemented to prevent exam cheating in the ongoing KCSE exams.

1. Only the centre manager's and security officer's phones will be permitted in the examination center, and both should be kept in the centre manager's office in case of an emergency.

2. While the morning paper is in progress, security officials must sit in positions where they have a clear view of the examination materials for the next exam paper to be undertaken.

3. During the examination season, the centre managers shall not allow any unapproved teachers or employees to stay around the school compound zones. He added that  only teachers who teach practical topics will be allowed in examination centers on the days the subjects are taken.

4. All school gates must be kept wide open during the examination hours of the day for quality control purposes of all activities.

5. That supervisors and invigilators must not leave the examination rooms for any reason while the examinations are being conducted.

In his statement in Monday, The CS stated that exams are made public when they are given to principals who conspire with police officers to photograph and post them. He added that there is also the possibility that a few people are leaking the second daily paper.

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