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Boda-boda riders in Nairobi manhunts their collegue for punching a police officer.

Along Bunyala Road in Nairobi, the suspect assaulted a police officer who was clearing an accident site. A motorcycle and a private vehicle were involved in the accident, which occurred in the evening. Reports say that the suspect was drunk in the time of the incident. Following the viral video that circulated online, the man confronting the police officer in a pair of jeans, a red sweater, and sneakers, and cautioned him against advocating on-site peace.

He is heard saying: “Hakuna kusameheana hapa (There’s nothing like forgiveness where here).” He, thereafter, punches the policeman in the head.

"Ala!" exclaims the visibly surprised police officer. "Unanipiga (You just flogged me)?"

Scene footage.

Several boda boda riders, including the one who was in the collision, instantly chased down the suspect and brought him over to police. Several uniformed police officers can be seen handcuffing the man and loading him into a police van in the video.

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